Moyang Harimau Berantai


A popular worldview of the tiger is a symbol of strength, magnificence and gallantry, but for the Mah Meri this feline is much different. It is a symbol of continuity, rebirth and earth stewardship embedded for generations in the sculpture of the A?a?, the spirit of the tiger in chains.

It was a story of a tiger that was caught in a trap meant for wild boars. Fearing the tiger would harm the villagers if released, the tiger was left to die. According to Mah Meri tradition any living things destroyed must be replaced, similar to the practice of planting a tree after felling one. Hence the sculpture Moyang A?a? was conceived believed to have originated from a dream and the sculpture was left where the tiger was killed.

The ball in the tiger’s mouth is the earth , the seven rings is the continuity of life and the larger ring is considered as the secret because this ring can come from many parts of the timber.

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The Moyang Harimau Berantai received  the UNESCO Seal of Excellence in  2002.

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