Moyang Tenung Jerat Harimau


Moyang Harimau Tenung Jerat is an image of a female tiger ( A?a? ) that have special powers. A tenung is a spiritual attack believed to be fatal to humans. They carved the Moyang Harimau Tenung Jerat from a single piece of mangrove timber ( Xylocarpus Xylocarpus Molucensis  ) with long nails with concentric circle that symbolizes the spirit’s power.

The fear of the Mah Meri towards the tiger is apparent in the Moyang Tenung Jerat Harimau that represents the power of the tiger over animals and humans represented by the squirrel and its claws exaggerated into a curving and curling, mesmerizing trap.


The Moyang Harimau Tenung Jerat spirit image sculpture was awarded the UNESCO Seal of Excellence in 2012.

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